My name is Nicole, I currently live in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia.  I will be studying at University of Notre Dame, just outside of Perth, Western Australia.  I hope to complete a Masters in Psychology.

My relationship with Rotary began in 2002 when I was chosen as a Youth Exchange Student and spent one year in Brussels, Belgium. After graduating high school, I moved to South East Asia in 2005 where I traveled to several countries and volunteered as an English Program Co-ordinator and Human Rights Educationalist in Takeo Province, Western Cambodia. 

After returning home I completed a BA (Psychology/French) at the University of British Columbia in 2009. During my fourth year, I studied at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  This adventure changed me forever and truly gave me insight to the power of connecting the world through international exchanges.  I joined an African Health & Welfare Organization and was the program co-ordinator and group workshop facilitator for HIV stigmatized groups within the townships of Kayletsha and Nyanga.  

Currently I am working as a Life Skills and Vocational Counsellor through the BC Ministry of Housing and Social Development.  I work with individuals who are on social assistance, are chronically homeless, are unemployed, are struggling with addiction, and have mental health issues.  I assist them to identify strengths and abilities, recognize barriers and develop goals to move toward personal growth.  I also work as an on-call Youth Worker at a local transition house where I provide basic life skills and counselling to high risk youth by promoting personal, educational and social development.

My personal interests involve dirt biking, hiking, snowboarding and cooking. My experiences have led me in directions where I believe I have left optimistic footprints in developing countries. I aspire to complete my schooling and commence an internship with the United Nations Social Development Committee. My endeavors started with Rotary’s influence and they have continued to support me and my global ideas.  Another BIG thank you to ROTARY!


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