Fitting in just perfectly!

Couldn’t be happier!

Wow, I look at my life at the moment and I feel sooooo lucky!! Australia is just beautiful and each day I get to experience something different, meet new people and share my Canadian stories. I moved into a beautiful heritage house just a few blocks outside of central Freo. Takes me 12 minutes to walk to class at Notre Dame and 10 minutes to walk to my work at Little Creatures. I am living with an Osteopath from Melbourne, an environment scientist from Brazil and a business student from South Africa; we have the best international food nights! School has been absolutely wonderful; I have never felt such a drive to be at school, to conduct research, to converse about my passions in counselling. It is a really well developed program and I defiantly made the right selection of school. My class has 8 students only, all ages and races; it’s so culturally diverse and rich I couldn’t ask for a more vibrant educational setting. My research teacher is pushing hard for us to decide on thesis and that has been a challenging but exciting factor! My new position as a waitress at a pub brewery on the shores of Fremantle has been a blast! They call it little creatures to represent the yeast “creatures” that they add double of to their Rogers Ale. They brew all of their beer right there in the brew pub where we serve it. It’s a fun place to work because there are no rules but to provide friendly service, be fun and have fun! People were crazy clothing and wild hairdos, its alternative to say the least~!! Rotary involvement has been a blast as well, regularly attending meetings at the Attadale club has been great, getting to know the Rotarians has been rewarding, I feel more like family each meeting I go to, they have been very supportive in my finding a place to live and work as well! I assisted a few weeks ago with their moving fundraiser; we all say the American film conviction which was a big hit! I also partook in the golf tournament fundraiser, selling one thousand dollars worth of raffle tickets!! I was very proud of myself!! I think I may have been a bit to outgoing but got the job done!!! Presented at the Armadale Rotary club which was great, they enjoyed having my there, my jokes seems to make a few people laugh. The sergeant had me running around collecting fines; apparently we did really well that day. I was able to participate in the Annual Forum for Generating Club Solutions at the Attadale club which was a neat experience. I will be giving my formal speech next week. The following weekend is the District conference! Really looking forward to the weekend of events for that conference. Apr 10 will be the Ambassadorial Weekend conference as well, so really looking forward to meeting some other scholars. All in all m experiences have been amazing, I’ve been to beautiful beaches, backyard barbeques, rugby games, lawn bowling tournaments and much more!! Ive also seen some pretty crazy spiders and cool snakes, not my favorites but they all add to the experience! All THANKS TO ROTARY!


About Nicole Ripley

Chosen as the 2011-2012 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar for District 5060. I will be studying a Masters in Counselling Psychology at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle, Australia. I will be hosted by the Rotary Club of Attadale and South Bunbury in District 9465.
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